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LaDarius Calhoun Design Company (LCDC) is an interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California with a hybrid location in Florida.  LaDarius's work is centered on private residences but extends to commercial, education, and hospitality spaces.  Using a highly personal approach and a nod to global design, LaDarius creates pared-back understated, but luxurious spaces that are livable and comfortable. 

Subtle sophistication, layers, deliberate use of texture and tone, and vintage touches are LaDarius's hallmarks. He designs spaces to exude quiet confidence; a feeling achieved by contrasting qualities: monochromatic hues, spectacular lighting, and a bit of wild aspiration. LaDarius believes that connecting said qualities with thoughtful detail creates spaces of ease and comfortability.

LaDarius is curious about each client, their values, travels, cultures, and communities. It is through personable discovery that he finds the story of each project so that it becomes the voice of design. He translates narrative through furniture, art, textiles, and architecture to create an authentic space.

Through this inquisitive approach, LaDarius ensures he is creating timeless spaces with careful curation that displays exactly who he is as a designer. 

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