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LaDarius Calhoun



LaDarius Calhoun has always loved the art of creation and transformation in many aspects, but interior design has been at the forefront of his passions. He formed his interior design firm from the dining room table of his home in Westchester, California after he had spent some time as a designer at a West Hollywood design firm. At its commencement, he had one main goal in mind: honest design being the foundation of his practices. While his design flair lends itself to more of a timeless-Contemporary feel, he believes all design should evoke true emotions and provide authentic experiences to those that occupy a space. LaDarius's work transcends to other definitive styles, as he is a stickler that comfort and livable-functional aesthetics are key. Be it a residence or an ultra-luxury space, intention, and curiosity is the apogee of each creation.

An interior designer at heart, his career blossomed by chance as he one day decided to leave the classroom and trade lesson planning for design. With no formal training before attending UCLA's Interior Architecture program, he became a design assistant at a high-end design firm and quickly rose the ladder within. The switch was effortless--all of the things that come along with transforming and creating space are innate to him. LaDarius has a niche for textiles, texture, and visualization. He approaches each project with integrity and the willingness to experience something honest that reflects the feelings and personalities of the people he meets. 

LaDarius believes that great design stems from curiosity and intuition--it can not be taught, it can only be unearthed. 

"When you live with the things you love, loving life simply becomes."

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LaDarius Calhoun Design Company (LCDC) is an interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California with projects throughout the country.  Our work is centered on private residences but extends to commercial, education, medical, retail, and hospitality spaces.  Using a highly personal approach and a nod to global design, we create timeless Contemporary spaces that are understated and luxurious, livable and comfortable. Subtle sophistication, layers, deliberate use of texture and tone, as well as vintage touches, are LCDC's hallmarks. We design spaces to exude a quiet confidence-a feeling achieved by contrasting qualities: monochromatic hues, intentionally sourced lighting, and honest aspiration. At LCDC connecting said qualities with thoughtful detail creates spaces that are elevated with ease and personality.


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